VOYAGE Will Broadcast Reports on CSR in a New Global Television Series

"Award-winning VOYAGE Productions, LLC is launching PLAYBACK: Social Entrepreneurs, an exciting new series for national and international broadcast. PLAYBACK: Social Entrepreneurs focuses on socially responsible companies innovators and business models."


Raising Up: Women of India Review:
Library Journal

"Starting with the story of a vegetable vendor in one of the poorer areas of India, this excellent documentary examines the change in women's lives worldwide. Women are the largest beneficiaries of microfinance loans, which helps then rise up from a long history of domestic hardships and poverty, start their own businesses, and join together to help one another succeed. The film also looks at middle-class and academic women, how they are moving into new jobs in the IT industry and changing society with them. Not only is this film informative about the women of India, but it subtly makes the global connection. Women worldwide struggle together, balancing children, husbands, and domestic duties with a need for financial independence and a fundamental desire to improve the lives of their offspring. An optomistic and intelligent choice for schools with courses in women's studies."


Raising UP the Issue of Women's Status:

Broadcasting & Cable "Susan Baumel, who heads Washington-based Voyage Productions, is re-releasing half-hour documentary Raising UP: Women of India.

Baumel is looking to make Raising UP a series of investigations on the social and economic status of women worldwide. Women of India first aired on WETA Washington last year and has since aired on a number of major-market noncoms, covering 17% of the system, according to Baumel.

She is looking to tie the re-airing of the show to International Women's Day (March 8), and, hopefully, to secure funding to continue the series."

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